Amazed by the Generosity of Businesses and Citizens

The Safe Harbour Run provides fun and fitness for participants all of who benefit from the euphoria associated with such an event.  Another benefactor is the Huron Women’s Shelter. The organizers, the members of Blue Bayfield, anticipate that we will generate well in excess of $5,000 for the Shelter.

This goal is attainable because of the generosity of 45 sponsors that have, as of May 18th, donated $6,200. The cost to host this event is estimated at $9,000 and Blue Bayfield is confident this amount will be achieved by July 1st. When this target is reached, at least 90% of the revenue from registration will go to the Shelter with the balance directed to Blue Bayfield.

A list of participating sponsors appears on our website's homepage. If you visit one of these generous businesses or individuals, we would be grateful if you acknowledged their contribution. These businesses are asked for funding by countless organizations yet 95% of those contacted have said yes to a donation. 

We express our sincere gratitude to those that have and will contribute to this event. For many, they have been part of the project since 2009. Thank you is the least we can say.

craig sinclair

Craig Design, Goderich, ON, , Canada