Supporting Women and Water

Safe Harbours are ubiquitous.

In one corner of Canada the Safe Harbour Society focuses on supporting Syrian refugees. In another, aiding victims of poverty. Identify a group that is threatened, abused or ignored and you will find a Safe Harbour.  

Safe Harbours are the destination of ships at sea, sailors on the Great Lakes. Many a sailors lives have been saved when a Safe Harbour is found. Many a child, a woman, a refugee has lived to see a brighter tomorrow because of safe harbour.

One can extend the meaning of Safe Harbour to reflect the quality of water available for human consumption. Throughout the world, water is threatened by our abusive behaviour. It is imperative that we learn to respect our waters, our source of life and make them a Safe Harbour.

It is fitting that this event is called the Safe Harbour Run and its proceeds assist in the continuance of a retreat for threatened women and children and efforts by Blue Bayfield to make our waters, our harbours, safe for today and tomorrow.

40 million people depend on the Great Lakes for water. Hundreds of women have sought the safety and comfort of the Huron Women's Shelter over the years.

The Huron Women's Shelter provides a respite for women in a crisis situation. This year, the revitalization of the Safe Harbour Run with support of Blue Bayfield additional funding, will be available to the Shelter. Funds will be shared with Blue Bayfield so it can continue its efforts to protect our most valued resource, water.

craig sinclair

Craig Design, Goderich, ON, , Canada