Wheels in Motion in Bayfield

Bayfield Trails was one of the first organizations to pave a trail to provide access to the “back woods” for those that use wheels chairs for transportation. This trail also allowed parents and grandparents the opportunity to hike the trails with their charges safely tucked in a carriage.
The Safe Harbour Run has incorporated a Para event in the 2017 program. The 2 k route follows the flat paved streets in Bayfield, the first leg of all the runs. It is one of a very few provincial runs that include an opportunity for those in wheelchairs that wish to be part of an athletic event.

One need not be a competitive athlete to register and if an assistant is need, they are considered as part of the entry fee.

The Para Run starts at 9:00 a.m. amid the excitement of other runners, walkers and spectators gathered to see them off.  Participants will receive a gift

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